FLAMCO manufactures thousands of residential and commercial metal roofing components. These products are sold to distributors throughout the United States. Below are some of the items we sell. Many of these products are offered in a wide variety of metal types, gauges, colors, and sizes.

Product Catalogs
FLAMCO Jacksonville Product Catalog (New)
FLAMCO of Texas Product Guide
FLAMCO Midwest Product Catalog (New)

Drip Edge
Eave Drip (Diagram, Photo)
Roof Edge (Diagram, Photo)
Gravel Stop (Diagram)

Angle Flashing (Diagram, Photo)
Apron Flashing (Diagram)
Counter Flashing
Dormer Flashing
Step Flashing (Photo)
Stucco Flashing
Z Flashing (Diagram)

Gutter Components

Roll Valley
Formed Valley (Photo)
Pre-Formed Valley
Tile Valley

Trim Coil

All Purpose Vents (Photo)
Gooseneck Vents (Diagram, Photo)
Mini Vents (Diagram)
Off-Ridge Vents (Diagram)
Ridge Vents (Diagram, Photo)
Shingle Vents (Photo)
Slant Vents (Photo)
Soffit Vents (Diagram, Photo)
Tile Roof Vents
Under Eave Vents (Diagram, Photo)

Soffit & Fascia (Flyer)

Bead & Lath Products
Corner Bead (Diagram, Photo)
J Bead (Diagram)
L Bead (Diagram)
Lath (Diagram, Photo)

Resilient Channel (Diagram, Photo)

Hurricane Anchors (Diagram, Photo)
Plywood Clips (Photo)

And More

Eave Drip Photo
Gooseneck Photo