FLAMCO’s full line of accessories and components for the roofing and siding markets establishes us as a premier single source for residential building products nationwide. Widely available through roofing and building material distributors across the country, we deliver quality products with exceptional customer service when and where they are needed.
We operate strategically positioned distribution centers to be able to promptly service all of our customers on a regularly scheduled basis. With a thorough understanding of our trade distributor partners’ business and service requirements, we can provide reduced lead times, increased turns, and as a result, a decrease in working capital requirements.
But it’s not just about getting our distributors what they need at that moment… it’s about the ability to address the ongoing needs of the different markets we serve. Our distribution is scalable so that when we need to add product to different markets, we’re able to do so seamlessly, with no disruption to our existing network. For this reason, we will continue to be proactive in our regional and national distribution expansion.